Tierra Grande Productions aims to Inspire to Act and to be a leading communications tool and catalyst for change.


To embody the beauty, fragility and threats found in our world today. To inform, educate and inspire people to act towards a sustainable tomorrow.


Tierra Grande Productions was established by photographer and filmmaker Mattias Klum out of the belief that inspiration makes a difference. "Our world is amazingly beautiful and rich but parts of it is on fire. When we embody the surrounding opportunities and challenges of this we can ignite hope in peoples hearts" says Klum and Alexandrov.  We go behind the scenes and tell the story within the story. Our work adds scale and perspective in an authentic way, and embodies the link between what people know mentally and what they feel in their hearts.

The future of our planet depends upon our taking responsibility and shifting our behavior patterns to live in harmony with nature and society. Tierra Grande Production's programs instill not only awareness and hope, but the emotional connection needed on an individual level to cause this shift to happen. Our success can be measured when those we have reached are empowered to champion the issues and take visible steps towards creating a sustainable environment. 

Tierra Grande Production's social and environmental impact is achieved through a range of projects, products and programs, including: images, films, books, exhibitions, lectures, social media and education.

CORE VALUES: Humanity, Trust and Transparency

These three words define the choices we make and the way we work. Our core values also challenge and motivate our employees and partners in their efforts to create a sustainable world. Out of our core values, the slogan “Inspire to Act” was born.