"The Interview" from The Triology of Loneliness, Part III
A scenographic installation for the Spring exhibition in Konstfack, Stockholm 11th of May - 21st of May 2017

“In a room where everyone is special or chosen in some way, the air seems to quiver of uncertainty. A large animal fills the room, aiming its tentacles towards those who diverge.
Interlocking and fusing. Its impact wanders around to all, transparent and fully visible. Wanders in the unsaid. A word is struck with a glance of stone or fire.
Another word is stopped by a wall. We are all monuments in a forgotten park, already petrified by time.”

The Interview is scenographic installation in the form of a tv-screen showing a filmed interview.
The main character is a very real fictional person who through this interview comes one step closer to some form of truth.
Inspired by Kafka’s ”The Trial” and mixed together with many small but significant situations from real life, this conversation retails actual events in a poetic tone.
The person being interviewed is just a symbolic representation, much like the possible reality it inhabits.
The dreamlike tone sways between superfluous poetry and direct, almost sober addresses to the audience that can the almost mislead the purpose of the piece.
The artist takes will let the audience decide what to believe. Pointless or full of meaning, go with your imagination.
In other words another piece that has meaning for a selected few, in a context where it is allowed to be viewed as art and therefor passed through the eye of the needle.

Iris Alexandrov, 2017