“We face a turning point in human history and the state of the Earth. We must reverse the negative trends of global environmental change that are propelling us towards catastrophic risks. Nothing less than the world as we know it is at stake. With a fundamental shift in mindset, humanity can succeed in a transition to global sustainability.” - Johan Rockström and Mattias Klum

THE HUMAN QUEST is based on evidence from the many scientific disciplines that study how planet Earth operates and the relations between humanity and the Earth systems. Both a book and photo exhibition, it presents some of the most important scientific insights that will be needed to for us to navigate through these increasingly turbulent times. With the latest scientific knowledge, astonishing photographs, and in-depth commentary, THE HUMAN QUEST serves as an inspiration for action.



- 16 photographic laminated and framed prints sized 70x105cm
- 4 text panels laminated and framed sized 70x105cm
- 16 mounted captions in English
- Possibility to display indoors or outdoors
- 1 crate for shipping