Humanity’s greatest challenge today lies in achieving a sustainable living, while preserving biodiversity and protecting the Earth’s natural resources for the generations to come. The environmental issues facing the oceans are well known: ocean acidification, toxins, overfishing, influence of war, littering, coral bleaching and sea transport, among other threats. In The Coral Eden , Klum highlights the importance of a functional marine ecosystem by taking us to one of the most pristine coral reefs on Earth, the Raja Ampat Archipelago in West Papua, Indonesia, where a vast majority of the world’s marine species still thrive as nature intended.



- 32 photographic laminated and framed prints sized 50x75cm, 70x105cm and 133x200cm
- 32 captions in English or Swedish
- 1 informational and bio panel in English or Swedish
- Crates for shipping

The Coral Eden documentary film is also available for screening. View film trailer.