Mattias and Iris in Monaco

Mattias and Iris are at the Golden Nymph Award Ceremony in Monaco this evening. Our documentary "Vamizi - Cradle of Coral" is nominated for the Prince Rainier III Special Prize. This Special Prize was created by H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, in honour of Prince Rainier III, founder of the Festival. This prize is awarded to the best programme dealing with nature conservation, the environment, the protection of threatened fauna and flora and the fight against pollution. Fingers crossed!!

Alexandrov Klum on P5 Sthlm

Alexandrov Klum "artists in residence" at Stockholm Concert Hall

Mattias Klum, Iris Alexandrov and Stefan Forsberg (Konserthuschef).

Mattias Klum, Iris Alexandrov and Stefan Forsberg (Konserthuschef).

Today a collaboration between the artist duo Alexandrov Klum and the Stockholm Concert Hall was announced. Alexandrov Klum, which consists of Iris Alexandrov and Mattias Klum, will over the course of four years stage several performances of different topics, backed by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. The first performance will take place on February 8, 2018.

Come see the artist duo Alexandrov Klum in the poetic performance "Sagor från Verkligheten" (Tales from Reality), where the duo together with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra stage a performance in which their stories together with film and music take storytelling to the next level. The duo takes us on a journey across land and sea, where we over the course of several acts, follow man and nature through stories based on both mythology and our perceived reality.


May we present: Alexandrov Klum!

By combining Mattias and Iris creative visions and passionate storytelling, the artist duo work multi dimensionally through the use of projections of still photography and film as well as installations, music and vibrant storytelling to create immersive worlds for the audience to explore.

The artist duo are firmly planted in the science of planetary issues presented through a fusion of personal experience and fictional worlds. Through these stories they hope to bridge the gap between heart and mind, between dream and reality.


Mattias in Linköping

Mattias was in Linköping yesterday for the ongoing project "The Water Journey" and spent the afternoon with some local third graders at a water plant to talk about the importance of clean water and how to treat the environment. Check out more on this link.