The Young Sea Poster.jpg

the YOUNG SEA (2018)

Set to release in the fall of 2018, it is the second and last film of the 10 year project together with Baltic2020 aimed
to increase education and love for our suffering sea of the north, the Baltic Sea. Beauty lives there yet.

Vamizi poster_smaller.jpg

vamizi - cradle of coral (2016)

This film is about an astonishing coral reef in the Quirimbas archipelago just off the mainland of Mozambique, which is threatened by many dangers.
We follow a team of scientists who hope to stop the damage before it starts.


the contemplator (2013)

A beautiful film full of poetry and reflection. Describing life around the Baltic Sea, man and animal alike. This is the first film in the 10 year project with Baltic2020, aimed at inspiring people to consider the beauty around them, and thus care for it.

The coral eden (2011)

The testament of tebaran (2011)