1. The girl in the Light Circle, 2014 (120x60 cm)
2. Portrait of Ms J, 2015 (60x40 cm)
3. Mia, 2014 (70x50 cm)

Battle night stories
Let's travel together with these people, to another world, another place and time.
These enigmatic charachters come from a place where they have lost themselves,
where there is no future, no past and the present is just one moment
echoing the sounds of their lost names.
They are stuck there in time and space without feeling or expression.
Perhaps they exist parallel to us, in another dimension with some other time.
A place where the colors have taken their true forms and been wiped out from this world and time.
A place where conscious and unconscious are the same and night and day have become one,
both having slipped into each-other and bound so tightly there is no difference.

In this other world a little girl is sleeping in a field,
or perhaps she isn't born yet and or has already died.
Her long hair lays on the illuminated circle around her,
and irregardless of the dark she is peaceful encircled by the light.

In another room there is a woman surrounded by water enveloped by clouds.
She has a epithet of one letter which means everything - J.
Miss J is magical, you can maybe see it for yourself?
She sees things others don't see, it's one of her many abilities.
She is timeless, without age, and is not in locked to a place or a time but flows freely through all,
she is an immortal.

Mia stands in front of a wall that looks like a tree,
like a stage in a theater which towers above her as she turns her head,
stretching to see what is happening behind the scenes,
that what is hidden from us, that which we never see.