Don't miss Mattias exhibition at Upplandsmuseet, Uppsala!

On December 6th Dr. Anders Wall will open Mattias’ exhibition Vår Tid På Jorden (The Human Quest) at Upplandsmuseet in Uppsala. This large exhibition is based on the book that goes by the same name written by professor Johan Rockström and Mattias Klum. Illustrating the fragility and the beauty of our planet. The exhibition lays out the challenges we now face as a human race.

Science now shows that humanity has entered the Anthropocene, a new geological epoch where we humans constitute the major driver of change on Earth. This is such a profound insight it requires from us all a deep mind shift in our relationship with planet Earth. The Human Quest provides the most convincing story so far.
— Professor Paul J. Crutzen, 1995 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Germany

Fyristorg 2, Uppsala

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