Exhibition "Världar av Liv" at Fotomässan, Stockholm!

Don't miss Mattias' exhibition “Världar Av Liv” at Fotomässan, Stockholm this weekend (22-24 November). In “Världar av Liv” Mattias Klum takes us on a journey to some of the world's most thrilling environments. The exhibition is based on Mattias newly released book that goes by the same name. The spectacular images tell a story of the savannah’s rich wildlife and rainforests' world. We follow Mattias on a journey from the Arctic to the Tropics and meet peculiar creatures of the Galápagos islands. With 35 stunning images from all around the world the exhibition “Världar av Liv“ shows us Earth as the living miracle it truly is. 

Very welcome!

Read more about the exhibition here (Only in Swedish)