Christmas fair at Mattias Klum Tierra Grande!

A warm welcome to our christmas fair this Sunday 15 December! We are opening the doors to our office and will be selling posters, postcards and Mattias' books. A perfect opportunity to buy christmas gifts for your loved ones! You will also be able to meet Mattias, get your books and/or posters signed and hear him speak about his most recent projects. Don't miss our mulled wine and ginger snaps!

Where? Villavägen 7, Uppsala, Sweden.

When? This Sunday, 15 December at 11.00-14.00.

Don't miss Mattias exhibition at Upplandsmuseet, Uppsala!

On December 6th Dr. Anders Wall will open Mattias’ exhibition Vår Tid På Jorden (The Human Quest) at Upplandsmuseet in Uppsala. This large exhibition is based on the book that goes by the same name written by professor Johan Rockström and Mattias Klum. Illustrating the fragility and the beauty of our planet. The exhibition lays out the challenges we now face as a human race.

Science now shows that humanity has entered the Anthropocene, a new geological epoch where we humans constitute the major driver of change on Earth. This is such a profound insight it requires from us all a deep mind shift in our relationship with planet Earth. The Human Quest provides the most convincing story so far.
— Professor Paul J. Crutzen, 1995 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Germany

Fyristorg 2, Uppsala

Read more here (in Swedish)

Exhibition "Världar av Liv" at Fotomässan, Stockholm!

Don't miss Mattias' exhibition “Världar Av Liv” at Fotomässan, Stockholm this weekend (22-24 November). In “Världar av Liv” Mattias Klum takes us on a journey to some of the world's most thrilling environments. The exhibition is based on Mattias newly released book that goes by the same name. The spectacular images tell a story of the savannah’s rich wildlife and rainforests' world. We follow Mattias on a journey from the Arctic to the Tropics and meet peculiar creatures of the Galápagos islands. With 35 stunning images from all around the world the exhibition “Världar av Liv“ shows us Earth as the living miracle it truly is. 

Very welcome!

Read more about the exhibition here (Only in Swedish)

Mattias Klum has been named WWF Ambassador

Photo: Samuel Svensäter

Photo: Samuel Svensäter

Due to Mattias Klum’s strong engagement to the environment, animals and nature he recently was appointed WWF ambassador. He is now engaged in the campaign “Svenska Pärlor”, Swedish treasures, to increase the protection of valuable Swedish natural environments.

- I am passionate about our Swedish nature and I want to help to preserve it for future generations, says Mattias Klum in the latest issue of WWF magazine WWF Eco.

Mattias Klum wants to inspire others to take an active interest in the environmental issues. For no matter where you are in life, there is always something you can do, he says.

Read the full article at WWF’s Facebook page (Only in Swedish).

Mattias Klum gives lecture at House of Sweden, Washington D.C

Next week, on October 24, Mattias Klum will participate in a high-level discussion for leaders in business, policy, science and civil society to explore how to meet the challenges of navigating an increasingly more prosperous world, that is approaching 9 billion people, who all have the right to energy, food and fresh water, without jeopardizing the planetary foundations for economic and human development.

Mattias will give a lecture, on the topic The Human Quest - Prosperity within Planerary Boundaries, together with Professor Johan Rockström. 

New book "Världar av Liv" by Mattias Klum

In this book Mattias Klum takes us on a trip to some of his favorite environments. He takes us to the rich savanna wildlife and the vibrant world of the rain forests and some of the richest coral reefs on the planet. We visit remote locations in the Arctic and in Antarctica and we encounter some peculiar creatures on the Galápagos islands. With 300 pages, and over 150 stunning images he visualizes the earth as the living miracle it actually is.

Available in book stores later this fall! First print run only in Swedish.
Read more at Max Ström (in Swedish).  

Expedition Borneo with Mattias Klum

25 years ago Mattias Klum travelled to Borneo, the worlds third largest island, for the first time. Since then Mattias has published numerous articles, books and films relating to this remarkable island, its natural realm and awe-inspiring creatures.

Experience Borneo's rainforest the way Mattias Klum sees it, with all the small and big wonders day and night. Now for the first time, you can walk with Mattias inside this unique and spectacular environment looking for orangutans, forest elephants, bearded pigs, rhinoceros hornbills and reticulated pythons…

Read more at Äventyrsresor (in Swedish). 

Mattias Klum gives lecture at From Farm to Fork 2013

Later this year, in October, a Royal Gala Award Dinner will be held during From Farm to Fork 2013 in New York. Mattias Klum will give a lecture on the topic "Why we Need to Re-Connect with Nature".  

Each year in association with the Green Summit, the Chamber hosts a Royal Gala Award Dinner featuring the presentation of the SACC New York-Deloitte Green Award. The Award, presented to a company at the forefront of sustainable innovation, recognizes the groundbreaking and viable green work of small Swedish business ventures and is a collaboration between the Chamber and Deloitte, the Chamber’s longstanding partner for the Green Summit.

H.R.H. Princess Madeleine and Mr. Christopher O’Neill will attend the Royal Gala Award Dinner. Anna Maria Corazza Bildt, Member of the European Parliament, will give a lecture on the topic "Give us Food Passion, Not Food Fraud!".

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King Carl XVI Gustaf 40 years as Sweden's Head of State

The Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf celebrates forty years as regent this year. The Royal Dramatic Theatre arranges together with some of Swedens leading research institutions and environmental organizations the performance "För miljön i tiden". Acress Lena Endre, photographer Mattias Klum, former environment minister Birgitta Dahl and professor Johan Rockström, among others will participate.

"För miljön i tiden" takes us through talks, drama, music and videos on an environmental journey through four decades into the future.

Date: November 23, 2013.

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Mattias to speak on Almedalsveckan, Gotland

Mattias Klum, Johan Rockström, Gunhild Stordalen and others will participate in a seminar on the subject Prospering within Planetary Boundaries arranged by Stockholm Resilience Centre.

During the week Mattias will also inaugurate his exhibition The Human Quest at Clarion Hotel Wisby and participate in a panel discussion, on The Brig Tre Kronor af Stockholm, about the ravage palm oil industry and its effects.