Interview with Mattias Klum about Fridlyst in Swedish press

Fridlyst is an upcoming television show where Mattias Klum will guide six well known Swedes to different endangered animals around the world, to make all of us aware of the importance of a rich biodiversity.

""Everyone can make a difference." It all sounds very well, but what can Jason Diakité, Maria Lundqvist, Börje Salming, Felix Herngren, Anders Jansson och Glenn Hysén actually do to help these animals?

- You don't have to be as powerful as Barack Obama, this series shows that anyone can make a difference, regardless of position in life. Everyone can change their decisions to make a difference. You can choose not to buy products with palm oil from endangered rainforests, for example. It's about bridging the gap. We show that there is so much on this planet to care about."

Read full article here. (Only in swedish)