Read Santa Barbara Independent's interview with Mattias!

As we mentioned before Mattias is going to give a lecture in Santa Barbara, December 2th.The newspaper Santa Barbara Independent took the opportunity to interview Mattias before the upcoming lecture.

"The headlines across the planet proclaim that our wild places are disappearing at an alarming rate, yet you remain optimistic. Why?

We have come to a point where especially scientists, business leaders, and thinkers have come to understand the most challenging issues and that it’s not merely a sacrifice to embark on a more sustainable path but equally a business opportunity. But we need this mind shift quickly. We’re behind schedule!

From my own experience in the developing world, many people don’t recognize the importance of saving nature versus the daily needs of survival. Is that changing?

We need to work on sustainable solutions for poverty alleviation. It’s essential to find ways for people all over the world to become a good citizens by default. If we cannot achieve a reasonably safe environment and safe working and living conditions for the many people, we will certainly have a tough time to implement sustainable change.

Do you find that appreciation for the great outdoors is an innate understanding in the human psyche, or is it something that must be learned? 

I think good and sincere images, films, music, etc. really can move people to feel for our world. However a great firsthand experience is pretty hard to beat. Passionate storytelling might trigger a first visit to realms people have yet to explore — next to us or far, far away."

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