Mattias elected powerful environmentalist

The magazine "MiljöAktuellt" in Sweden listed 49 of the most influential Swedish people working for a sustainable environment. Mattias placed 20th on the list, see the complete list here (in swedish). The list in abstract: 1. Christan Azar, professor at the University of Chalmers. 2. Svante Axelsson, Secretary general at the Swedish society for the conservation of Nature. 3. Fredrik Reinfeldt, Prime Minister, Sweden. 6. Margot Wallström, vice chairman at the EU commission. 17. Pär Holmgren, climate-strategist, SVT. 20. Mattias Klum, nature photographer. 35. Lasse Gustavsson, Secretary general at WWF. 36. Bo Ekman, founder Tällberg foundation.