Seminar on how to save the rainforests

In the current climate conference COP15 in Copenhagen, Swedish PostkodLotteriet gathered leaders like Tony Blair and Gro Harlem Brundtland, Special Envoy on Climate Change for the United Nations, to inspire to save the world's rainforests. This seminar, "Fighting Deforestation", was based on Mattias Klum's photo exhibition "The Testament of Tebaran" and a short lecture by Mattias. HRH Crown Princess Victoria and over 100 invited guests participated in the seminar which was held at the Admiral Hotel near Amaliehaven, Copenhagen. First image, from left: Tony Blair, Niclas Kjellström-Matseke, Mattias Klum, HRH Crown Princess Victoria, Gro Harlem Brundtland and Nkosi Mandla Mandela.

Eye of the Future

Mattias will participate in the Eye of the Future premiere and Frontiers of Sustainability dialogue in Copenhagen on December 15th. Mattias will give a short presentation about the deforestation on Borneo. A number of prominent speakers will present at the event. Amongst others, Former President of Ireland Mary Robinson, Climate Justice, Global Humanitarian Forum.
Former President of Costa Rica Jose Maria Figueres, Global Observatory.
Shai Agassi, Founder and CEO of Better Place.
Ged Davis, Co-president of the Global Energy Assessment.

Fighting Deforestation Seminar with Mattias Klum and Tony Blair

During the COP15 negotiations on climate change, the Swedish Postcode Lottery, experts in business-driven charity, will organize a seminar "Fighting Deforestation" in which, among others, Tony Blair, Andreas Carlgren (Swedish Minister for the Environment), Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland, Jacqueline McGlade (Executive Director European Environment Agency) and Mattias Klum will participate. Steven Howard from the Climate Group will serve as the moderator for this seminar.   The aim of PostkodLotteriet’s high-level seminar is to bridge the gap between the private, public and non-profit sectors, and facilitate cross-platform initiatives that contribute towards putting an end to the exploitation of tropical forests and slowing down or halting its negative effect on the climate and biodiversity.  

The Testament of Tebaran - the Exhibition

Don't miss Mattias upcoming exhibition in Copenhagen during the United Nations' Climate Change Conference, COP15, in December. This exhibit portrays the effects on the climate and the loss of biodiversity caused by extensive logging of the tropical rainforest on Borneo. The exhibition has been produced by Tierra Grande in collaboration with our principal sponsor PostkodLotteriet, and partners National Geographic Magazine and Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation. The conference will take place from 7 December to 18 December 2009, close to Hotel Admiral. Address: Toldbodgade 24-28, København K, Denmark.

Mattias Klum images at the World Expo 2010

Mattias images will appear in the Swedish pavilion which is a collaboration between the Swedish government and Swedish business community. The pavilion is designed by Sweco architects and will be shown at the World Expo in Shanghai, 2010. When the doors open in May 2010, millions of visitors can see the amazing images by Mattias Klum on the pavilions internal walls - the images will cover an area equivalent to half a football field. The exhibition in Shanghai will take place 1 May - 31 October 2010 and is expected to be the largest ever with nearly 70 million visitors. The theme for World Expo 2010 is: "Better City, Better Life".

Funk for Life with Nils Landgren

Together with internationally known jazz musician and composer Nils Landgren and Nils Landgren Funk Unit, Mattias Klum and his team (Peter Östlund and Samuel Svensäter) went to Nairobi, Kenya for a joint music and filmproject. Together they want to communicate how music can spread meaningfulness, joy and hope to the kids in Kibera. This project will support the work of Médecins Sans Frontières, MSF, Sweden.

Mattias at ZERO09 Emission Conference

Mattias gives a lecture on the topic "Everything is Connected" at the ZERO09 Emission Conference at Clarion Hotel Oslo Norway, Monday 28 September. Other well-known speakers are former Prime Minister of Sweden Göran Persson and Professor Lord Nicholas Stern of Brentford, the man who achieved great international recognition as leader of the British commission that published the ground breaking Stern Review in 2007.

Borneo: Paradise Under Siege

Mattias has a special passion for Borneo, where he has spent 20 years producing magazine articles, books and films. For a big National Geographic story, Klum returned to Borneo to document the rampant destruction... He will share heartwarming stories of care as volunteers work tirelessly to rescue and rehabilitate orangutans orphaned and stranded in the wake of logging. Don't miss this powerful, passionate and disturbing vision of what might be the Borneo rain forest's last stand. Click here to buy tickets for Mattias lecture in Seattle, May 11 and May 12.

CSR i lists the most influential people in Sweden

CSR i has identified the individuals in business, public and voluntary sector that they believe will affect most businesses in 2009. The list, numbers 31-100, without peer placement can be found here. The magazine focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility issues. The list in abstract: - Jan-Eric Sundgren, Director with responsibility for external and environmental issues, Volvo AB. - HM Queen Silvia of Sweden, founder of World Childhood Foundation. - Alice Kuhnke, chief think tank, Sector 3. - Carolina Sachs, Secretary General, Antonia Ax:son Johnson Foundation for Environment and Development. - Carl Mossberg, Head, Tällberg Foundation. - Niclas Kjellström-Matseke, CEO, PostkodLotteriet.  - Helena Markstedt, Secretary General, Fairtrade. - Mattias Klum, Photographer.

Lecture and exhibition in Washington DC

The Embassy of Sweden and National Geographic Live! are proud to announce a presentation by one of the world's leading photographers. Mattias will share select award-winning images and experiences from more than two decades of documenting some of our world's most vulnerable ecosystems.  Mattias is also holding a one-man exhibition at the House of Sweden, April 1 - June 7, 2009. We learned a long time ago that what we buy has an impact on nature. When we as consumers buy cookies, shampoo and potato chips made with palm oil, we destroy the rain forests and their inhabitants: orangutans, king cobras and… well, all biodiversity. When what is left of the rainforest is burned, there is an increase in carbon dioxide emissions. Everything is Connected! The lecture takes place April 4, 2009, 3:00 - 5:00 PM House of Sweden 2900 K Street, NW Washington DC 20007.