Mattias Klum Honorary Citizen of Uppland, Sweden


The County Administration of Uppsala has choosen Mattias Klum as the Honorary Citizen of Uppland 2007. Mattias Klum has through his photographical documentation of animals and wildlife around the world contributed to a general awareness about the sensitivity of animals- and wildlife, but also about their beauty, in a time of threatening climate change. Extract of former Honorary Citizens of Uppland: 1991 Anders Wall 1994 Birgitta Dahl 1995 Stig Strömholm 1997 Peter Nilsson 2003 Gunnar Brusewitz


Expedition Sweden


Mattias Klum and his team starts a new project, Expedition Sweden, a five-year film and photo-project about Sweden. “With Expedition Sweden I want to inspire people to experience incredible things in nature themselves. The joy of discovering your own local environment in a positive spirit, of finding your own special places and learning about your country – these are decisive factors. Because what we appreciate and are fascinated by, we will also want to preserve.” says Mattias Klum. The project is going to result in a feature-length film, an interactive web portal, educational material for schools and a university course. Untouched natural environments as well as carefully tended nature shall be portrayed, and so will examples of what it looks like when we don't care. Swedbank, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU, and World Wide Fund, WWF are the projects main partners.



Operation: Saving The Sea

The Baltic Sea is one of the most studied seas in the world. The environmental problems are well known. The main threats derive from eutrophication, hazardous substances, overfishing and maritime transport. The Baltic Sea is surrounded by some of the world's most environmentally conscious societies. And scientists all agree on the most important steps to take. Still, in many respects, the state of this sensitive and almost landlocked sea is deteriorating. The future and life quality of 90 million people are affected by the Baltic Sea environment. The next ten years will be critical. Can we save the sea that ties us together? Filmmakers Mattias Klum and Folke Rydén are spending the next ten years documenting the efforts to save the Baltic Sea. Focusing on the decision-making processes for environmental, scientific and political issues, the aim is to produce a television documentary every other year in cooperation with public service broadcasters around the region. The first programme will be completed in the autumn of 2009.



Mattias' ninth book in German

Mattias' ninth book, Being There, is now available even in German. Vor Ort Sein is available from the 1st of November. Please order in the shop.


The most influential Swedes below forty

Mattias places 8th at the career network Shortcut's list of the most influential Swedes below forty 2007. Read more (in swedish). The extra important criterion of this year has been to single out a person making an important influence or making it possible to affect the future, says Andreas Dahlin, CEO Shortcut. Short extract from list: 1. Sasja Beslik (Business manager, responsible investments, Banco foundations) 8. Mattias Klum (photographer and environmentalist) 10. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (professional football player, Inter) 79. Anders Borg (Minister of Finance)



Mattias visits HRH Crown Princess Victoria

The organisation "Borneo Orangutan Survival" celebrates HRH Crown Princess Victoria with the adoption of orangutan Kesi; the princess becomes her adoptive mother. "The orangutan in Borneo will become extinct in 6 to 10 years if drastic measures are not taken to halt the negative effects. After that point this unique primate can only be encountered in zoos" says Mattias Klum. See the video clip at svt.se.


Nikon D3 test on Iceland

Mattias is one of three top photographers in the world to test the new professional Nikon D3 camera. "I choose to do it in Iceland because of the light and the extraordinary landscape". "Iceland is truly amazing and so is the new D3" - says Mattias Klum. An international film crew followed the test. Mattias' images and related interviews from Iceland will be released later this fall at Nikon Imaging along with the release of this revolutionary camera.


Mattias Klum´s ninth book - Being There

The 15th of September Mattias releases his ninth book - Being There. Being There is a book and dvd about a photographer in mid-life. Here Mattias shares some of his experiences–such as his work photographing meerkats in the Kalahari Desert, kinkajous in Panama, and king cobras in Southeast Asia. And we get to follow along with him as he makes his way deeper and deeper into the Amazon rain forest... Mattias also tells of his commitment to the environment and threatened species and cultures, about his desire to show these, and to inspire other people to care about them. The dvd has forty minutes of unique material, including documentary footage from several of Mattias Klum’s expeditions as well as newly-recorded material in which Mattias talks about his work. From the DVD: www.klum.se/trailer Swedish title: Viljans väg Read more: www.tierragrandepublishing.com Press:www.tierragrandepublishing.com/pressbilder_swe.php Buy: Go to the


New Assignment

Mattias and his photo assistant Lars-Magnus Ejdeholm on a new assignment for National Geographic Magazine in South East Asia.


Mattias Klum awarded

Mattias Klum was recently awarded a grant from the foundation of Sparbanken, Upland, Sweden. Motivation: Mattias Klum is a photographer with world repute. His relentless curiosity, creative artistic eye and his intrepid nature has allowed him to cast light on plants, animals and environments previously unknown to large audiences. On top of all this is Mattias strong engagement in water, climate and environmental issues. It therefore feels natural that this year, when celebrating the tercentenary celebrations of Carolus Linnaeus, also pay tribute to Mattias. We believe that Linnaeus and Klum would have had lot's in common had they ever met.


Expedition Linnaeus - first opening night at Rigoletto Theater

Mattias Klum and Folke Rydén's documentary Expedition Linné was released at the Rigoletto theater, Stockholm, April 1st. The film will be shown in some theaters in Sweden from April 27 and at Swedish Television, Channel 1, May 21 at 8 pm. Check out the official homepage of Expedition Linné for more information and movietrailer. Folke Rydén, HRH Prince Carl Philip and Mattias Klum outside Rigoletto. Mattias Klum, Samira Rahman, Lorena Grubisic, Magnus Hessbo and Folke Rydén on stage. HRH Prince Carl Philip and Mattias Klum.


300th anniversary celebrations for famed scientist Linnaeus

There are places on the moon named after him. He is depicted on Swedish bank notes. But Carl Linnaeus' real claim to fame is his system of classifying all living organisms that remains the international standard. Read more about the anniversary in International Herald Tribune and at CBS News.


Mattias Klum in Florida

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida continues its tradition of bringing some of the world's greatest conservationists and explorers to Southwest Florida, this year welcoming back acclaimed National Geographic wildlife photographer Mattias Klum with an all new show! Sunday, January 21, 3 PM Gulf Coast High School Auditorium. For more information and tickets, call 239.403.4236.





Mattias has now returned to Sweden after a long time in the field. Together with Producer Folke Rydén Mattias has completed the field work for the documentary "EXPEDITION LINNÉ"  The film is a journey of discovery to seven continents, into space, down into the depths of the oceans and into the future. At the centre are crucial questions: How should we behave and act today in order to survive tomorrow and how can science and research contribute to a better world? Inspired by Linnaeus curiosity and the thrill of discovery, the expedition meets some of the world’s leading researchers and experts, who try to give answers to these questions. The main characters are the expedition’s three young would-be researchers, all in their twenties but with widely different backgrounds. They not only observe and investigate but also question what they discover with a critical mind. During the course of their journey they transform. Deeply influenced by their impressions and experiences, they are not the same people at the end of the expedition as they were at the beginning. Mattias is the leader of the expedition. Like Linnaeus, Mattias is almost obsessed by the desire to visualize nature and how everything is connected.  Don't miss the new official website for Expedition Linné. Release: March 2007.


Linnean Society

Mattias has become a Fellow of the Linnean Society of London.