The Swedish Prince Carl Philip on World-Wide Expeditions

The Swedish Prince works as a trainee with Mattias Klum on expeditions around the world. During the autumn Prince Carl Philip works together with Folke Rydén and Mattias Klum on different projects. He's also producing a short film for the National Geographic Television. Read more about this at the Swedish Royal Court's homepage (in swedish).


The Swedish Prince Carl Philip on World-Wide Expeditions

Mattias and his long-time assistant Lars-Magnus Ejdeholm recently completed an assignment in Peru for Audubon Magazine. Check out the magazine's website, Audubon.org


Digital Camera Magazine, UK

A regular cover star of National Geographic, Mattias Klum is sure of the educational and inspirational power of nature photography, as he tells Geoff Harris. Check out the magazine's website


Mattias Meeting the Prince of Perak, Malaysia

Mattias had an audience with HRH Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah at the Regent of Perak's Palace discussing rainforest conservation issues and photography.



Malaysia's Secret Realm

Mattias presented his talk "Malaysia's Secret Realm" at the Tropical Rainforest Tourism Symposium 2006 at the Royal Belum, Banding Island Resort, Malaysia.



Mattias Klum and Folke Rydén are journeying to seven continents, interviewing eminent scientists and asking them to update us on the discoveries that intrigued Linnaeus. The Linnean Society was delighted to welcome them for two days of filming at the Society’s premises on 13-14th June. Read more about this at Linnean.org: News & Events. For more information about the project, see The Linnaeus Expedition. Curator Dr Charlie Jarvis showing world-renowned photographer, Mattias Klum, the Linnean Collections. © The Linnean Society/E. Shaughnessy


National Geographic Speakers Bureau: Mattias Klum

Don't miss the National Geographic Speakers Bureau website... "A powerhouse in the global conservation movement, Klum recently delivered the opening address at Green Week, an annual event organized by the European Commission to provide a forum for conservation discussion." - National Geographic Speakers Bureau.


An adventure on seven continents - "EXPEDITION LINNÉ"

Mattias and producer Folke Rydén is embarking on a journey covering seven continents preparing for the tercentenary celebrations of the birth of a Swedish national symbol, Carl Linnaeus; a journey in memory of an important father of the natural sciences. The expedition will be asking some of the most eminent scientists in the world about the state of the earth. The aim is to open our eyes for the challenges currently facing the planet - and increase our consciousness of how our actions today influence the future. Production: Januari 2006 - February 2007 Release: Mars 2007