Ladakh Article - National Geographic

In the January 2004 issue of National Geographic magazine, Mattias Klum presents a story from a 17th-century Monastery in Hanle, an isolated settlement in India's northern Himalayan region of Ladakh. Aided by a personal letter of recommendation from The Dalai Lama, Mattias is let in into a world of Buddhist ideals, isolated from the western world, where monks and nuns meditate and pray in the hope that their spiritual progress also will help the community as a whole. During his 5 weeks stay, Mattias was moved by the profound stillness of the place and the humility, patience and compassion of the monks and nuns, in particular the respected holy man, the monk Lama Zotpa. "He looks into you with kindness, and then he looks right through you and into your soul", Mattias says. Read more in the In the January 2004 issue of National Geographic magazine or at the National Geographic web site.


Monika Klum in "Talks on the Hill"

The Asia Europe Foundation arranged "Cultural Tools for forging Human Interaction with Nature", a two day long closed-door panel discussion in Singapore, bringing together prominent members of civil society from ASEM member countries to freely discuss the cultural relationships between human beings and nature in a trans-disciplinary setting and from various schools of thought. Monika Klum was invited to deliver a presentation about the topic "Nature and the Arts" - how art has been used to reflect man's cultural relationship with nature and ways in which art has been used to bring attention to ecological concerns. ASEF "Talks on the Hill" are envisioned to facilitate and provide an opportunity for intellectual discussion through conceptual or philosophical brainstorming particularly with regards to both policy and second-track diplomatic discourse. The objective is a form of "track-two diplomacy" where contentious and controversial matters can be freely discussed in a small group, aiming towards a projection of tendencies, recommendations and possible strategies for resolution. Policy-makers, thinkers, and specialists are invited from civil society to present and discuss their opinions and advance their arguments.


Mattias in New Delhi

On Wednesday 10 December, Mattias Klum delivered a speech at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi as part of the 2003 Nobel Memorial Celebration Programme. Mattias also participated in the inauguration of his photo exhibition, "The Lions of the Gir Forest", which is displayed at the same venue in partnership with National Geographic and Volvo.


Mattias on Aftonbladet's Web Site

If you visit the web site of the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet you will find a saved chat session with Mattias and a slide show of images from the book "Horse People", narrated by Mattias.


The Great Apes are on the Brink of Extinction.

In a full page article in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, Mattias Klum writes about the serious threat of extinction that faces chimpanzees, orangutans, gorillas and many other species in Africa, Latin America and Asia. This threat is caused by a combination of factors, such as the illegal trade in exotic animals, poverty, combined with easy access to inexpensive "Bush meat" through the use of access roads created by logging companies in remote areas. Mattias also writes about what individuals as well as organizations can do to stop the slaughter of endangered species and help save the great apes - humankind's closest living relatives - from the brink of extinction. More information can be found at the website of the "The Great Apes Survival Project" which is an ambitious project of UNEP and UNESCO, with the goal of eliminating the threat of imminent extinction faced by gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos and orangutans. They do this in partnership with WWF and many other organizations.



There is an exhibition of photos from the book "Horse People", 6 December 2003 - 11 January 2004 at "Galleri Kontrast", an independent gallery in Stockholm devoted to photography. The Press Photographers Club in Sweden runs the gallery, which is considered to be one of the primary venues for documentary photography in Sweden.


Kinkajous - National Geographic

In a story in the October 2003 issue of National Geographic, the elusive Kinkajou is portrayed in an article illustrated by Mattias Klum. This is the first really intimate look at Kinkajou life in the treetops. Little have been known about them, but researcher Roland Kays and photographer Mattias Klum has managed to get really close to this fascinating member of the raccoon family. You can see an excerpt of the article here and a multimedia presentation narrated by Mattias Klum here.


Living Europe 2003

Mattias will give a talk about his work for National Geographic at "Living Europe 2003", a nature and science film festival in Sweden 1-7 december 2003. Mattias will be there on Saturday the 6 December, showing photos and clips from his films.


The Galápagos Islands

In the National Geographic Traveler magazine's april issue, writer Matthew Chapman, a direct descendant of Charles Darwin, explored the Galápagos Islands in a story illustrated by Mattias Klum. A selection of Mattias' photos is now available online at the National Geographic website.


Horse People

Mattias Klum is releasing a new book, "Horse People", a photojournalistic book about the relationship between man and horse. "Horse People" visits seven parts of the world to document – through detailed narrative by Priit Vesilind and black-and-white photography by award-winning photographer Mattias Klum – seven special people and their horses, examining that intimate, sometimes magical relationship that links us to our pastoral past. The Swedish version of the book can be purchased at the online bookstore Bokus.com.


Mattias at the Swedish Book Fair

Mattias Klum appeared at the Swedish Book Fair in Göteborg 25-28 September, where he presented the new book "Horse People. An exhibition of photos from the book could also be seen at the fair.


Mattias Represented by the National Geographic Speakers Bureau

The National Geographic Speakers Bureau represents a select group of speakers, widely recognized as among today's best photographers, filmmakers, journalists, adventurers, and explorers, who all embody the National Geographic mission to increase global understanding and promote conservation of our planet through exploration, research and education. Other speakers include David Doubilet, Annie Griffiths Belt, Joel Sartore, Chris Johns, and Frans Lanting.


A Medal from His Majesty The King of Sweden

On Tuesday, June 10, Mattias Klum received a medal of the 8:th size with a bright blue ribbon from His Majesty the King of Sweden. Mattias received the medal for his important achievements in nature photography.


Mattias a Winner in the Communication Arts Photography Annual Competition

Juried by distinguished designers, art directors and photographers, this competition recognizes the best photography used for advertising, design, editorial and other areas of the communication arts. Only 185 out of 10,104 total entries were accepted, making this the most exclusive major photography competition in the world. Mattias winning entry was a photo of a group of Meerkats. Bill Allard, Randy Olson, Dave Harvey and Frans Lanting also had winning entries in the competition.


Mattias in Stockholm

Mattias Klum presented two prizes to the prize winners of a competition that is part of the campaign "Ett skräp om dagen". This is a project that the Swedish environmental organisation "Håll Sverige Rent" has started in an effort to help control the growing problem of littering. A total of five winners was awarded in five different categories. The ceremony was held at "Stora Scenen" (The Grand Stage), Kungsträdgården in Stockholm.


A Day in Sweden

June 3, 2003 was a special day. On that day, more than a 1000 photographers participated in a nationwide project. The aim of the project was to document all kinds of activities, events and special moments of that day and also to preserve some of these moments through the publication of a book. All images will also be entered into the National Archive (Riksarkivet) for future research. Since Mattias is on parental leave, he chose to contribute to this project by documenting Sweden mirrored through the eyes of his son.


Mattias in the Swedish Magazine "FOTO"

Mattias is featured in a 16 pages long article in the Swedish magazine "FOTO". It is the cover story of the May issue of 2003.


Mattias Klum at the Elmia Photo Fair

Mattias appeared at the 2003 Elmia Photo Fair in Sweden, presenting his work with National Geographic.


Mattias is home again

Mattias is back from New York, returning from a photo shoot that has lasted for more than a year. The project has provided a wealth of material from some fascinating corners of the globe. This project will result in Mattias' eighth book, to be released in Swedish and English this upcoming fall.


Mattias has returned from Arizona

Mattias has been busy getting photographic material for a book project he is working on. This project has required him to travel to locations as diverse as Mongolia, New York, Finland and recently also Arizona and Holland.


By Request, two Images of the Atlas Moth.

When Mattias photographed this Atlas moth in the Amazon, the moth was surprisingly easy to approach. The reason for this was that it was about to lay eggs. Usually moths like these are pretty hard to get close to at night. You may come across them sleeping during the day with their wings closed. This is one of the images that gave Mattias the Award of Excellence by the Communication Arts´ 2001 Photography Annual. Mattias´ winning image was published, together with work of award-winning photographers Sisse Brimberg, Sam Abell and Chris Johns, in the August issue of the CA magazine.


Mattias and Monika in "Söndagsöppet"

On Sunday Mar 2, Monika and Mattias appeared in the Swedish tv-show Söndagsöppet.


A Royal Dinner Invitation

Mattias and Monika Klum was invited to and attended a royal dinner hosted by the King and Queen of Sweden at the Royal Palace in Stockholm.


Mattias is back.

Mattias Klum and Lars-Magnus Ejdeholm returned from the assignment. It proved to be hard and challenging but also very successful. Mattias leaves again for another, shorter photographic expedition together with Monika and Ansgar Klum, going from equatorial heat to nordic winter with 60°C lower temperatures and one meter deep snow.


New Assignment

Mattias Klum and his assistant Lars-Magnus Ejdeholm are currently on a new assignment for National Geographic. Details, perhaps including a scientific scoop, is to be revealed later.



Mattias Recieves a Grant

Mattias was awarded a grant from the Swedish Authors' Fund.