Mattias back from Galapagos

Mattias Klum returned from the Galapagos Islands where he has been on assignment for The National Geographic Society, together with camera assistant Lars-Magnus Ejdeholm.



A characteristic trait for many of the animals on these islands is that they display no fear of humans (or other land animals). Here a juvenile sea lion can be seen nibbling on parts of the photographic equipment.



Lars-Magnus Ejdeholm enjoying his first meeting with the giant tortoise. He finds the tortoises a welcome change from king cobras, lions and other less docile animals.



During the assignment, Mattias shot images of both wildlife and the beautiful scenery with unsusual flora and sweeping landscapes. In the distance, the vessel that housed the team during their stay on the islands.




Mattias in WWF - Sweden

Mattias Klum has recently become a member of the Board of Trustees of WWF - Sweden



Mattias Klum´s third National Geographic cover story Meerkats - Stand tall

Mattias is helping his new Meerkat friends to stand guard against predators at Kuruman River in Kalahari: They, in turn, helped him land his third National Geographic cover: Meerkats Stand Tall Have a look at the field notes here or watch the multimedia presentation about the interesting social life of the Meerkats, narrated and illustrated by Mattias:


New story in National Geographic

Mattias has a new story in the upcoming issue of National Geographic Magazine.
Don´t miss it!



Gold medal for Klum

Mattias recieved an honorary gold medal for his artistic achievements from the city of Uppsala.



Working 100 miles deep inside the Arctic Circle can be as brutal as it is breathtaking.

Renowned Swedish husband and wife photography team Mattias and Monika Klum brave the elements on assignment for National Geographic, hoping to capture two endangered species on film.

One, an eagle that almost disappeared from the face of the Earth. The other, a man whose ancient way of life the modern world is driving to extinction.

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Masters of Photography

Mattias Klum will be presenting an illustrated lecture as part of National Geographics Masters of Photography series. The Eye of the Forest: The Story of Borneo's Interior. Date and place: Gilbert H. Grosvenor Auditorium 1600 M Street N.W. Washington D.C. Tuesday, May 14, 2002 at 7:30 p.m. m