Mattias Klum on Kodak´s website

Read about Mattias Klum on Kodak´s Swedish website (only in Swedish). Note: This web page is currently unavailable.


Ove Thörnqvist Environmental Award

Mattias and Monika Klum has been presented with the Ove Thörnqvist Environmental Award, for their professional achievements.


Award of Excellence!

Mattias Klum was honoured with the Award of Excellence by the Communication Arts´ 2001 Photography Annual for one of his pictures with the National Geographic. Mattias´ winning image was published, together with work of award-winning photographers Sisse Brimberg, Sam Abell and Chris Johns, in the August issue of the CA magazine.


The King Cobra

New article by Mattias Klum in the November issue of National Geographic Magazine! Mattias took the chance to meet one of the most respected inhabitants of the Asian forest - the illusive, lethal, and majestic King Kobra.


On the air!

Mattias Klum features on a promotion campaign for National Geographic Channel - to be viewed worldwide.


Back from Africa!

Mattias Klum summing up his latest assignment for the National Geographic Magazine

- A story to be revealed during 2002.



Congratulation to all winners - of the Mattias Klum photo vest - in Peak Performance´s successful competition!


On assignment!

Mattias Klum on assignment in India for the National Geographic Magazine - August to September.



Monika Klum has just been accepted as a member of the National Geographic Image Collection. This now means that both Klums are taking photographs and representing the National Geographic Society.


On the Front Page

Mattias Klum on the front page of the Swedish paper Dagens Industri, including interviews with Mattias and Monika Klum - in Swedish.


Sights & Sounds

For those of you who still have not seen it - make a visit to the...

Sights & Sounds

..section of the National Geographic Magazine website.